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        Faculty of Arts Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University The Bachelor of Arts in Thai Drama has been producing for more than 30 years. Currently, there are more graduates of performing arts at the bachelor level, such as NIDA and Rajabhat Universities. Both in Bangkok and regional. There are also graduate students who graduate from Private universities There are also a number of state universities in each academic year. There is also the only institute offering dance and performing arts at the graduate level, Chulalongkorn University. Students are limited to one academic year.

        With the availability of staff of the faculty. And having a strong academic network. Graduation Requirements for Graduation Requirements of Graduate Students, Alumni, and Associate Professionals in Performing Arts. There are a lot of people interested in studying in this field. Therefore, the Master of Arts program was developed. Performing arts To enhance the potential of the performing arts in the country. Educational Service And to maintain the arts and culture of Thailand. Including all performing arts.

           Master of Arts in Thai Dramatic Arts Or theatrical arts To be professional, potential and responsible.

            The Organization of the Performing Arts, Performing with Quality and Morality in Society

           1. Produce graduates with good moral and ethics skills at the undergraduate level. And higher levels
           2. Organize study and academic cooperation. High technology with famous universities both in home and abroad.
           3. Research, develop the knowledge organization in the field of fine arts.
           4. Conserving and disseminating the culture of fine arts.

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