Course Details

Course Details

The curriculum of the Master of Arts Program (Performing Arts) is structured in 36 courses. The study is divided into two plans.

     Plan A : Study at least 24 credits and do thesis 12 credits.

     Plan B : Study at least 30 credits and do independent research 6 credits

The number of credits is based on the structure of the Master of Arts program as shown in the following table.

Course Structure

Number of credits
Plan A
Plan B
Mandatory subject99
Elective courses1521
Independent Study-6

       1. Mandatory subject = 9 credits :

         PER5111           Cultural Anthropology for Performing Arts                         3(2-2-5) 

         PER5113          Methodology of Performing Arts Research                         3(3-0-6)    

         PER5211          The Studies of Creative Process in Performing Arts              3(2-2-5)    


       2. Elective courses   For Plan A students, choose a minimum of 15 credits.  For Plan B students, choose a minimum of 21 credits. Choose from the following courses offered :

          PER5112        Performing Arts History and Dramatic Literature                   3(3-0-6)    

         PER5114        ASEAN Performing Arts                                                 3(3-0-6)

         PER5115        Aesthetics for Performing Arts                                         3(3-0-6)     

         PER5209       Identity of Performance Artists                                        3(2-2-5)

         PER5210        Performance Theory and Practice                                     3(2-2-5)

         PER5212         Individual Studies on Performing Arts                               3(2-2-5)

         PER5306        Contemporary Cultural Project                                         3(3-0-6)

         PER5307        Arts Exploration and Innovation in Performing Arts                3(2-2-5)

         PER5308        Performing Arts for Development                                     3(2-2-5)

         PER5400        Seminar in Thesis Research                                           2(0-4-2)

         PER6109        Body Movement Theory for Performing Arts                        3(2-2-5)

         PER6311         Creative Performing  Arts Industry Business                         3(3-0-6)


        3. Independent Study   12 credits for Plan A students.

          PER6403          Thesis 1                                                                6(270)

          PER6404          Thesis 2                                                               6(270)


        4. Independent Study  6 credits for Plan B students.

          PER6405          Master’s Degree Project in the Performing Arts                 6(270)              

        5. Extra courses   Both Plan B and Plan B students will need to be fluent in English and computer skills use in accordance with the criteria set by the Graduate Board. Not counting credits.

          COM5101           Computer for Graduate Studies                                   3(2-2-5)

          ENG5101            English for Graduate Studies                                      3(2-2-5) 

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