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Mr. Mongkol Ingkutanon Works and art awards at Suan Sunandha

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2021-05-11 13:53:55


# Works and art awards Suan Sunandha

Won world-class awards! Students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Idea Green Convert algae in shrimp fields that are weeds To develop into paper Can make container And renewable products that are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, reduce waste, add value, reduce impact on shrimp farms Seaweed in shrimp field It is a weed in shrimp farming. There are many fibers like hair. The fibers are sticky, shiny, light green. And dark green The fibers can bind each other on their own. It grows well in brackish ecosystem shrimp with soil adhesion. And photosynthesis, which is close to being classified in the green algae group.
Due to the distinctive features that are fine fibers When the algae are abundant, it will adversely affect the life cycle of the shrimp, such as when the young prawns get stuck, they will not cause a loss of yield And when the algae die, it causes an excess of ammonia in the water, causing spoilage and a foul odor. Therefore it is necessary to eliminate which there is a cost to remove by spooning the algae out of the pond. And disposed of resulting in a lot of agricultural waste

Mr. Mongkol Ingkutanon, Student of Creative Product Design Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University then developed algae in shrimp fields to develop paper. With environmentally friendly processes Biodegradable by nature It can be used as a replacement material in the design of various products. Which the seaweed paper has passed through this standard testing process The standard weight value is 242 grams per square meter. Tensile strength 0.53 kN per meter Tear strength: 1,183 mm.

This project is supported by the Thai Innovation and Invention Promotion Association. And the Research and Development Institute, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University And made products from seaweed in shrimp fields as follows

1. The paper looks like mulberry paper.
3. Wall decoration panels
Mr. Mongkol Ingkutanon's work from seaweed products has received many international awards as follows:
- Gold medal, 2020 IIDC Hong Kong International Invention and Design Competition, Hong Kong
- Gold medal, Taiwan International Invention Award Winners Association Anniversary, Taiwan
- Gold medal from the International SALON of Invention and New Technologys competition from Russia.
- 1st runner up (Efficient use of resources), Thailand Green Design Award (TGDA 2018) Contest
. It is a good idea and innovation from Thai students. That use thinking methods to solve existing problems Like seaweed, weeds in shrimp fields To transform to create natural products that are biodegradable That can reduce plastic waste as well This is a solution to many problems. Very supportive

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# Works and art awards Suan Sunandha
Mr. Mongkol Ingkutanon
Creative product design students
Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
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